Date: October 1, 2020
Over the last 5 years, TriVersa has invested in helping clients to reduce the incidence of fraud and anti-money laundering within the banking sectors by implementing state of the art enterprise-scale software solutions. In recent times, in other to deliver more cost-effective and innovative solutions to address anti-money laundering and fraud, TriVersa has now formed a technical sales relationship with Dixtior.

TriVersa is pleased to announce her recently completed partnership with Dixtior in offering fraud and anti-money laundering solution to clients in banking, telecoms, and public sector in West Africa. Dixtior’s DCS Solution is being widely used across Europe and East Africa. The solution leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies towards detection and prevention of financial crimes such as money laundering and financing terrorism, and electronic fraud.

With the global rise in AML and e-fraud scenarios, the collaboration between TriVersa and Dixtior offers companies with innovative, award-winning, and cost-effective financial crimes compliance solution. These types of solutions have become paramount towards effectively securing the various channels illicitly exploited by fraudsters.

DCS, having won several accolades for the best new software provider in Portugal and was also named among the 50 most valuable brands in 2019. The relationship between TriVersa and Dixtior provides a reliable and efficient approach towards delivering and operating AML and fraud detection systems in West Africa.

About Dixtior
Dixtior was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal. It is a Portuguese consultancy firm that combines both Economics and Information Technology (IT) to use an entire range of experts for creating perfect tailor-made solutions with features as per the needs of its clients.
With a global presence in Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific (APAC) regions, Dixtior works across several verticals, such as Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI), telecommunications, and industrial companies, real estate, lending, public sector, and the healthcare sector.
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About TriVersa
TriVersa specializes in equipping businesses with the right-fit Enterprise software solution that is in line with the capabilities and/or outcomes they wish to attain from their investments.
Historically, TriVersa has built a reputation in delivering effective and efficient enterprise-scale fraud and anti-money laundering solutions for clients within the banking and public sector.
TriVersa is also working on several solutions to support compliance and analytics reporting. These solutions offer customers the necessary add-ons to support specific national and international fraud and anti-money laundering reporting.
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